Farm Stewardship Partner in Spotlight

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Deep Roots Valley Farm, a fifth-generation family farm run by Will and Kelly Smith, has been in the spotlight in 2018. In July, the Smiths hosted a pasture walk as part of Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture’s Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training.

The tour was highlighted in “Family Roots Run Deep at Pasture Walk” on

Will led the pasture walk and Kelly highlighted the conservation work they’ve done with the Stroud Center and the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.

“We always are happy to share our time with other farmers that are looking to do things different,” Will said, as he led the group up a steep hill to the pasture where his 2,000 layers and 5,000 broilers are raised. He knows from experience that farmers talking to farmers is the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t on a farm.

But it’s not just chickens. The Smiths were eager to share their experience of implementing multispecies grazing.

“We raise grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, eggs, pork, and we do turkeys for Thanksgiving,” said Will. “We have around 60 head of beef, 10 pigs and raise about 5,000 broilers through the season, about 2,000 laying hens, and then we’ll do about 200 turkeys.”

In October, the Smiths hosted another tour, this time for Berks County Conservation District staff, local and state officials, and cooperating agencies and partners.

The Stroud Center congratulates Deep Roots Valley Farm for being among the four winners of the 2018 Clean Water Farm Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts. This comes on the heels of a 2016 Farmer of the Year award from Berks County Conservation District.

Photos courtesy of Deep Roots Valley Farm’s Facebook page.