Remembering Bill Anderson

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“My greatest success has been in leading students to understand the process of reasoning, experimental design, critical thinking, data analysis, collaboration, and discovery through the medium of science.” — William (Bill) Anderson

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend and colleague William (Bill) Anderson, who died on September 22. Bill was a retired high school advanced-biology teacher, a Stroud™ Water Research Center adjunct research associate, and an environmental educator in our Stream School. He is survived by his wife, Chris (Christina), and his son, Andrew, who is a software engineer for Apple Computer.  

Anderson remained a dedicated scientist and educator until his death. In an interview earlier this year, he spoke to Communications Manager and Editor Diane Huskinson about his passion for teaching freshwater science and stewardship to the students who visit the Stroud Center:

“It’s such a marvelous place for the kids to get hands-on experience in the stream with experts in watershed science. … Sometimes a parent or student will say, ‘Thanks, mister. This is the best time we’ve ever had in school,’ or something like that, and boy, you get a couple of those a month, and that’s all you need!”

To read the entire interview, see pages 6-9 of our 2016 annual report.

You can also watch a short video of Anderson talking earlier this year about his career in water science.