Spotlight on Stephanie Eisenbise

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Eisenbise joined the watershed restoration team in February. Photo: Kay Dixon

With interests ranging from agriculture to white water kayaking to planting trees along streams, Stephanie Eisenbise, Stroud Center’s new watershed restoration coordinator, is passionate about freshwater ecosystems and finding ways to improve them.


Having worked on land and water conservation throughout Pennsylvania during the last nine years, Eisenbise, with her experience, skills and enthusiasm for making a difference, is a welcome addition to the growing Watershed Restoration Group.

Steph’s ability to communicate and build trust with farmers and landowners along with her array of professional relationships and understanding of conservation work and programs make her a tremendous asset to our team,” says Matt Ehrhart, watershed restoration director.

Eisenbise notes that she’s “looking forward to opportunities to apply Stroud Center’s science and research on farms and in watersheds throughout the region,” adding that she wants to make “a big impact on improving water quality by providing farmers with information and tools so they can adapt their farm management to improve environmental performance and sustainable farming.”


Since joining Stroud Center’s staff in February, Eisenbise has found the work refreshing.

“To be at a research center that has such a bright and dedicated team, situated in the beautiful White Clay Creek watershed and surrounded by the stream, wildlife, and plants, is inspiring on a daily basis.”

Eisenbise recently completed her master’s degree in forest science at Penn State University, focusing on riparian forest buffers in Pennsylvania. She grew up in northern California and received a her bachelor’s in environmental science from University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. She is married, lives in Middletown, Pennsylvania, and enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including traveling, surfing, cycling, hiking in the woods, and growing vegetables.