Stroud Center Takes Mayfly to Michigan

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More data, more data, more data! This is one answer to the big question of how citizens can help monitor water quality and contribute much-needed information on when and where water quality is good and bad.

To train citizens and volunteers how to use lower-cost, do-it-yourself technologies to monitor water quality on their own and share real-time results with the world, Stroud™ Water Research Center staff took a road trip to Rockford, Michigan, this July. Shannon Hicks, Rachel Johnson, and Scott Ensign presented a two-day workshop in coordination with Trout Unlimited, a nonprofit dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

The 22 workshop participants learned how to write code that runs a Mayfly data logger, construct an EnviroDIY Mayfly Sensor Station, and some got their feet wet deploying the station safely in a stream. The team helped Trout Unlimited deploy another four Mayfly-based sensor stations around the Grand Rapids region over the course of the week. The real-time data from the new sensor stations, as well as other stations across the country and around the world, can be seen on (click “Browse Sites” in the main menu).

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