Tour Our Riparian Buffer Mini-Arboretum

638 358 Stroud Water Research Center

When we work with landowners to plant native trees and shrubs along their streams (a best practice called a riparian forested buffer), there is a short list of woody species that are proven performers that thrive under the demanding growing conditions on floodplains.

But nature loves diversity!

In the interest of testing new plants that could further enhance riparian areas, the Stroud Center has planted a mini-arboretum along the banks of White Clay Creek in our experimental watershed. It contains a wide selection of lesser-known native trees and shrubs, provided by our friends at Octoraro Native Plant Nursery. We hope you can join us on June 15, 2021, for a free tour of the mini-arboretum and a discussion of other restoration projects. Limited to 15 people — register now! Questions? Contact Lamonte Garber.

The Riparian Buffer Arboretum showcases woody species that are proven performers for floodplains.

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