The Robin L. Vannote Watershed Restoration Program at Stroud Water Research Center

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Stroud Water Research Center works hand in hand with landowners, helping them use their land more effectively through whole-farm planning and watershed stewardship. In return for our program services, landowners are asked to install forested buffers on streams on their properties and to allow us ongoing access to their sites to gather the scientific data from these efforts.

The Watershed Restoration Program enables our expert team to set up the collaborations and partnerships necessary to achieve the highest level of freshwater conservation.

Recognizing a Scholar and a Leader

The Robin L. Vannote Watershed Restoration Program proudly recognizes the many years of Vannote’s dedicated service, research contributions, and support to the Stroud Center. Robin Vannote, Ph.D., was a research scientist and the Stroud Center’s first director and served in that capacity from 1966 until 1988, when Bern Sweeney succeeded him.

The River Continuum Concept. Source: Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices, 10/98, by the Federal Interagency Stream Restoration Working Group (FISRWG).

Under Vannote’s leadership, the Stroud Center evolved from a dream to an institution at the forefront of freshwater research. With a creative mind, a voracious appetite for science, and boundless energy, Vannote was a scholar and a leader, and remains a nationally respected expert on freshwater ecosystems. He conceived of and developed the “River Continuum Concept,” which remains today the most highly respected and cited paradigm in aquatic ecology.

The Stroud Center has benefited enormously from Robin Vannote’s hard work, keen insight, and long-term scientific vision since 1966, and the naming of the Watershed Restoration Program is a fitting tribute.

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