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Latest News

A red building tucked in the middle of a vast tilled field.
Organic No-Till: Searching for the Holy Grail in Agriculture
Progress continues toward developing sustainable farming systems that can reduce chemical use, preserve and regenerate soils, and protect freshwater systems.
Two Harambee Institute students looking at aquatic macroinvertebrates they collected from a stream.
Bridging the Nature Gap: New Partnership Brings City Kids to the Great Outdoors
“The kids came back super geeked over just being out in nature and connecting with a waterway, and in their words, ‘We got to touch critters!’”
Stroud Center and Cabela's staff members with a shopping cart of donated gear.
Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund Supports Stroud Center Fishing and Boating Programs
The generous donation of equipment and supplies will expand opportunities for many youth who may not otherwise have access to learn about fishing and canoeing.
Greg Wilson with a small fish in a net.
In Memoriam: Greg Wilson
It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our friend Greg Wilson, a force for good in the restoration of Lancaster County’s freshwater streams.
Donegal Trout Unlimited members next to a stream.
Greg Wilson and Donegal Trout Unlimited: Devoted to Repairing Streams
Improving a stream along your property protects the stream, your land, and trout habitat, along with helping the Chesapeake Bay.
A metal scoop full of road salt being sprinkled on pavement.
Over-Seasoned: Our Taste for Salt is Killing Our Freshwater Ecosystems
The intense use of salt is now threatening our streams and rivers, marshes and ponds, and even groundwater — freshwater resources that were never meant to be so salty.
Three rounds of Mayfly cheese made by The Farm at Doe Run.
Mayfly Cheese Is Back!
Miguel Vivanco, new head cheesemaker at The Farm at Doe Run, visited our campus to talk about life, the Stroud Center, and of course, great cheese.
Betsy and Steve Kerlin and sons in a forest.
Between Two Worlds, Betsy Kerlin Shares Her Dual Perspective as a Suburbanite and Nature Lover
Growing up with one foot in the natural world and another in one constructed by humans, Kerlin learned the importance of having access to protected forests, wetlands, and streams.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Deciphering the origin of riverine phytoplankton using in situ chlorophyll sensors
Peipoch, M., and S. Ensign. 2022. Limnology and Oceanography LettersPeipoch, M., and S. Ensign. 2022. Limnology and Oceanography Letters 7(2): 159-166.
A purple martin with a large dragonfly in its beak.
Follow the Martin! Migration Sensor Network Tracks Bird From Our Backyard to Central America
When wildlife-tracking telemetry towers were installed in Pennsylvania and Costa Rica, a purple martin reminded us of the connections between the temperate and tropical watersheds we study.
Mike Brubaker in a field at Brubaker Farms.
Brubaker Farms, a Stroud Center Partner, Wins Leopold Conservation Award
The Stroud Center worked with the Brubakers on measures to protect water quality, including manure management, fencing cows out of Donegal Creek, and planting streamside forest buffers.
Mandy Nix holding a wooden fish plaque while surrounded by Trout Unlimited members.
STREAM Girls Leader Honored by Trout Unlimited Chapter
Mandy Nix received an award for outstanding work leading the STREAM Girls program at the Stroud Center since 2019.