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  • UpStream Newsletter (monthly) covers all of our freshwater research, environmental education, and watershed restoration news and events.
  • In-person event invitations (at least one newsletter subscription is required) focus on events in and around Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • Our education newsletter (quarterly) offers educators our extensive resources for educating “K through gray” audiences about watersheds.
  • The Leaf Pack Network newsletter (once or twice a year) includes tips and training for teachers, students, and community scientists investigating their local stream ecosystems with the Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit.

Latest News

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Rachel Johnson installs a sensor bundle in a streambed.
EnviroDIY in the Delaware River Basin
Watch this video to learn about the progress made through the Stroud Center’s community science project.
Dave Arscott against a background of native plants.
Stroud Center’s Dave Arscott Elected Next President of the Society for Freshwater Science
In his new role, Arscott will affirm the Society’s commitment to excellence in freshwater science in the same way that he does for the Stroud Center.
The HerStory in STREAM participants gather for a group photo with their banner.
Telling “HerStory” in STREAM
Teen girls develop career and leadership skills through the new Stroud Center program that brings women in science together.
NASA DEVELOP logo and team member headshots.
Stroud Center and NASA Examine National Park Streams From Space
Two science powerhouses are joining forces to discover water quality trends in some of America's favorite national parks.
A group of golfers stand next to a bar featuring Tito's Vodka.
Golfers Tee Up “Fore” Fresh Water
Golfers enjoyed a beautiful day on the special course, choosing between two types of play as they competed for the win!
Aerial view of dairy farm before restoration.
Stream Cleanup Project Wins Award from Lancaster County Planning
The project is part of a larger goal to fast-track the restoration of 350 miles of impaired streams in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, by 2030.
A panel of local experts onstage at a Lancaster Water Week event.
Whether You Say Crick or Creek, We All Celebrate Lancaster Water Week!
From the first Friday kickoff to the last Saturday volunteer effort, it was a wonderful week as Lancaster Conservancy celebrated clean fresh water for all.
Melinda Daniels with experimental stream flumes.
Stroud Center’s Melinda Daniels Advances to Senior Research Scientist
Daniels’ fluvial geomorphology research has yielded meaningful discoveries across diverse human–environment interactions.
Aerial view of a braided wetland by U.S. EPA
Stroud Water Research Center Responds to the Sackett v. EPA Supreme Court Decision
The ruling has restricted the EPA’s jurisdiction over wetlands, and with that, its ability to protect them in accordance with the Clean Water Act.
Elementary schools students use binoculars to look for birds in Philadelphia.
Celebrate Living Schoolyards Month
You can celebrate by bringing your students and lessons outdoors. If your school doesn’t have an outdoor learning space, you can create one!
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Spatial scale impacts microbial community composition and distribution within and across stream ecosystems in North and Central America
Bier, R.L., J.J. Mosher, L.A. Kaplan, and J. Kan. 2023. Environmental Microbiology, early online access.
Three brook trout in a stream.
Bringing Eastern Brook Trout Back to Red Clay Creek
In Pennsylvania, property owners and farmers are transforming their lands to restore a stream’s health and its native fish.