Algal and Macroinvertebrate Responses To Elevated Phosphorus Concentrations in Pennsylvania Streams

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

This project took advantage of the unique facilities of Stroud Water Research Center as a field station with first-rate laboratory facilities in an Exceptional Value Watershed and the experience of the research programs and personnel that allows for experimental manipulations impossible to conduct elsewhere. Phosphorus is a major pollutant of fresh waters, historically turning streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs green with excess algae. These experiments were designed to look at algal responses of elevated phosphorus and how macroinvertebrates responded to these changes in algae.

Funded by: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Principal Investigators: John K. Jackson, Thomas L. Bott, J. Denis Newbold, and Bernard W. Sweeney

Collaborator: Hunter J. Carrick (Penn State University)

Project Year: 2010, 2011