The Food, Farming, and Water Connection

558 314 Stroud Water Research Center

“Humanity Exists Because of Six Inches of Topsoil”

This short video touches on the importance of soil health and what Stroud Water Research Center and Rodale Institute are learning in their Watershed Impact Trial. The video was created as an introduction to the Food, Farming, and Water Connection webinar (recording below) presented as part of Lancaster Water Week 2021.

Dig Deeper

We may not consider the crucial role our farmers play in our health and the health of our planet, but they are the “first responders” of our food supply and caretakers of the land. In this panel discussion with farmers and agriculture organizations in our community, we learn more about the connection between farming and clean water.

As consumers, we have more choices than ever about the food we eat and the values we support with our dollars. Find out how you can make choices that support local organic and regenerative farmers who are dedicated to healthy food, healthy land, and clean water.

Moderator: Diana Martin, director of communications and marketing, Rodale Institute.
Panelists: Lisa Blazure, soil health coordinator, Stroud Water Research Center; Jeb Musser, director of land protection, Lancaster Farmland Trust; Emily Newman, organic crop consulting program manager, Rodale Institute; and Dave Dietz, produce and dairy manager, Lemon Street Market.