Your Land and Legacy: Resources for Agricultural Landowners

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center

This 1-hour webinar provides information for non-operating agricultural landowners to enable better planning and coordination with their farm operators to enhance soil health, soil and water conservation, and improved crop productivity. Presenters include:

  • Sarah Everhart, senior legal specialist with the University of Maryland’s Agriculture Law Education Initiative. In partnership with the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agroecology, ALEI developed an Agricultural Conservation Leasing Guide in 2018.
  • Steve Groff, active farmer, agricultural consultant, and professional presenter. His new book, “The Future-Proof Farm,” is gaining traction among farmers, agronomists & consumers.
  • Lisa Blazure, soil health coordinator for Stroud Water Research Center. Lisa serves as the coordinator for the Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition and is an active member of the PA No-Till Alliance.