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The Watershed Restoration Group engages the public in freshwater stewardship and watershed restoration by helping landowners implement best management practices and plant streamside forest buffers. We link research, education, and action on the ground to manage our most precious resource — fresh water.

Watershed Restoration Staff

Photo of Lisa Blazure

Lisa Blazure

Soil Health Coordinator
Will Curley wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey.

Wills Curley

Watershed Restoration Project Coordinator
Headshot of Rebecca Duczkowski.

Rebecca Duczkowski

Assistant Director of Donor Relations
Headshot of Matt Ehrhart.

Matthew Ehrhart

Director of Watershed Restoration
Headshot of Lamonte Garber

Lamonte Garber

Watershed Restoration Coordinator
Amanda Garzio-Hadzick

Amanda Garzio-Hadzick

Watershed Restoration Specialist
Heather Titanich

Heather Titanich

Watershed Restoration Coordinator
Headshot of David Wise.

David Wise

Watershed Restoration Manager
Calen Wylie

Calen Wylie

Watershed Restoration Program Assistant

Watershed Restoration News

A newly planted riparian buffer with a barn in the background.
Applicants Requested for Farm Stewardship Program
The Stroud Center's Farm Stewardship Program helps landowners plan, fund, and implement conservation practices for long-term farm stewardship.
Cows fenced out of a stream.
UpStream Newsletter, June 2013
A Holistic Approach to Restoring Streams: Our Watershed Restoration Group has an ambitious goal -- add forested buffers along the entire length of two streams over the next two years.
UpStream Newsletter, April 2013
UpStream Newsletter, April 2013
Building New Ideas on Old Foundations: “The River Continuum Concept” remains the most-often cited paper in its field. So, when Melinda Daniels, Ph.D., wrote “The River Discontinuum,” people noticed.
Cows standing in a stream.
A Holistic Approach to Restoring Streams
The Watershed Restoration Group is building relationships with all of the farmers along two headwater tributaries to restore, protect, and monitor them.
Aerial view of a riparian buffer
New Watershed Restoration Group to Ensure Water Quality
Group will bring our mission full circle by sharing knowledge of best management practices and helping landowners and stakeholders to implement them.
Fly River in Papua New Guinea.
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2011
Two weeks into their work in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Anthony Aufdenkampe and his colleagues had already surveyed more than 600 miles of remote jungle rivers.