Sharing Our Science: Winter 2014

300 212 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Center Models Farm Stewardship at PA Farm Show

The indoor stream exhibit, complete with live fish, built for the Pa. farm show. Photo: Matt Ehrhart

Penn Ag Industries put together an exhibit at January’s Pennsylvania Farm Show to showcase what a modern farm operation looks like, which includes good conservation practices such as forested buffers along streams. Erb Brothers Landscaping provided most of the soil, rock, and some plants.

Stroud Center’s Watershed Restoration Manager David Wise provided the balance of materials. With some helping hands from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, which provided the tree shelters, he assembled the model forested buffer.

The aim of the exhibit was to explain how planting forested streamside buffers and fencing livestock out of streams keeps the animals healthier and the water clean.

It was a great opportunity for the show’s attendees to see stewardship in action.

Wise Shares Importance of Trees to Streams

At a workshop organized by Forestry for the Bay, Watershed Restoration Manager David Wise gave a presentation to Lancaster-area woodland owners. The event was held February 8 at the Lancaster Farm & Home Center.

Wise discussed the importance of trees to streams and gave some details on how the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) can help farmers afford forest buffers.

Sweeney Speaks In Support of Streamside Forests

On February 12, Director Bern Sweeney was a featured speaker at a public workshop focused on the value of streamside forests. Sweeney presented a convincing, scientifically proven explanation of why it is best to have forests growing along our streams.

Sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the workshop in Wysox, Pa. included discussions about proper use of pesticides, related agriculture regulations, and conservation planning.