Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: Costa Rica

Stream Research and Data

Estación Maritza is located near the banks of the Río Tempisquito, and within easy walking distance of five other permanent streams that are all tributaries of the Río Tempisque.

These streams have been the focus of many of our studies of stream ecology and biogeochemistry. Our efforts have also extended to permanent and temporary streams near other research facilities such as Santa Rosa, Cacao, San Cristóbal, and Pitilla.

Characteristics of the six study catchments initially studied near Maritza.
Stream Catchment area (km2) Mean streamflow (m3/s) Run-off (m/yr) Elevation range (m)
Río Tempisquito 3.19 0.30 2.9 580-1340
Río Tempisquito Sur 3.11 0.42 4.3 580-1250
Quebrada Kathia 2.64 0.26 3.1 600-1540
Quebrada Marilin 0.36 0.018 1.6 590-880
Quebrada El Jobo 0.55 0.025 1.4 590-1040
Quebrada Zompopa 0.37 0.033 2.8 600-1100

Data for streams of the ACG (primarily Río Tempisquito and Quebrada Marilin near Estación Maritza) include physical, chemical, and biological variables.

Hydrograph at Río Tempisquito

Data collected regularly since 1990
Air temperature Seston
Rainfall Litter and leaf
Stream discharge/stage height Adult aquatic insect collections
Water temperature  
Data collected at various times and frequencies
Inorganic nutrients Carbohydrate molecules
Base cations Amino acid molecules
Anions Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide GC/MS profiles
pH Pesticides
Alkalinity Bacterial densities
Conductivity Bacterial species (TRFLP profiles)
Dissolved organic carbon Diatom species list and densities
Biodegradable DOC Larval aquatic insect collections

Accessing Data

We are happy to share data collected for this project and to collaborate in its interpretation. Proposals for collaboration should be directed to John Jackson.

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