Cover Crop Coaching Webinar Recordings Available

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Steve Groff, a farmer, educator, and author from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, teaches soil health practices that have been refined on his farm and has shared this knowledge with audiences in more than a dozen countries. He has released his first book, The Future Proof Farm: Changing Mindsets in a Changing World, which describes how he sees agriculture adopting farming techniques that involve less input while increasing the nutrient density of food. Anyone interested in the quality of the food they eat will appreciate Steve’s stories and adventures that support the future of agriculture!

In January 2021, Groff led a unique webinar series about how to work with farmers for cover crop success. The series also highlighted regional corporate sustainability initiatives, and opportunities in advising farmers who are transitioning to organic production. You can view the two-hour sessions below.

Part 1: What Got Us Here, Won’t Get Us There

Topics: Soil health overview and a look into where we are headed. Panel Discussion: Corporate Sustainability Efforts and Opportunities for Consultants and Conservation Professionals with Jenna Mitchell, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and Turkey Hill Partnership; Eric Sauder, TeamAg; and Ryan Vroegindewey, Campbell’s Soup Company.

Part 2: From Soil Health Message to On-Farm Implementation

Topics: Roadblocks to adoption; setting realistic goals; how to help growers understand the proper mindset for successful adoption; how to respond to “Cover crops won’t work around here.” Guest topic: Where’s the Water Going? Lisa Blazure, Stroud Water Research Center.

Part 3: Do Cover Crops Pay?

Topics: strategies for making cover crops pay; examples from Steve Groff’s farm. Guest topic: Opportunities in transitioning to organic production, Sam Malriat, Rodale Institute.

Part 4: Tips and Tricks for Cover Cropping Success

Topics: Considerations for planting green; ways to plant cover crops faster in the fall; cover crops after wheat/soybeans; multi-species cover crops. Guest topic: Cover crop management and agronomic perspective, Eric Rosenbaum, Rosetree Consulting.