Chess Champion Gives Gift to Fresh Water

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By Mitch Evans, Citizen Science and Development Intern

It is important for today’s youth to get involved and show interest in the environmental problems of our world. As time moves forward, they will be taking on the responsibility of furthering research and finding solutions to the world’s problems. Stroud™ Water Research Center would like to introduce a young woman who took time out of her busy life to contribute to our mission of advancing knowledge and stewardship of fresh water.

Ujjwala Pothula is 14 years old and a 10th-grade student at Garnet Valley High School in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. In 2018, after ranking third in a national chess championship, Pothula started a chess club for children aged 5-11 years at the Rachel Kohl Community Library in Glen Mills.

“Since our community has given us so much, I wanted to give something back. I collected $500 with the help of the chess club so far, which I donated to the Stroud Center,” said Pothula.

Pothula’s favorite subject in high school is biology because she loves to learn about nature,  the different kinds of species, and their habitats on our planet. She aspires to major in and pursue a career in the biological sciences. Over the past few years, her interest in the subject has grown exponentially due to the classes she has been taking and her involvement in the environmental club at her school.

“Water is essential to human life. We use it for multiple reasons such as to drink, cook with, take a shower, etc.,” Pothula states. “Polluted water isn’t just dirty, it’s really scary.”

The Stroud Center extends its gratitude to Ujjwala Pothula and all the other young stewards, scientists, and educators standing up to make a difference in their community.