Ecotoxicity Study for Mayflies Exposed to Elevated Concentrations of Chloride at Different Temperatures

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Chloride concentrations in surface waters have been increasing over the last several decades at multiple locations throughout the United States. At times, it appears that ambient chloride concentrations now reach…

Delaware River Watershed Initiative — Phase II Monitoring, Evaluation, and Scientific Support for Protecting and Restoring Places of Ecological Significance (Brandywine-Christina, Middle Schuylkill, Schuylkill Highlands Clusters)

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Professional and volunteer monitoring of chemistry, macroinvertebrates, and fish to support restoration and protection efforts represent an invaluable (and often neglected) tool to evaluate short- and long-term progress toward conservation…

Delaware River Watershed Initiative — Phase II Monitoring, Evaluation, Scientific Support, and Capacity Building for Watershed Protection and Restoration Projects

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This project collects and interprets data on macroinvertebrate specimens from stream sites to provide a baseline for the evaluation of goals defined for restoration and protection projects funded by the…

Delaware River Watershed Initiative

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A multiyear project to monitor, protect, and restore critical freshwater sources for 15 million people from New York to the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

The Science of Water Through the World of Art

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Funded by: Point Lookout Farmlife Foundation and Water Preserve Foundation. This program at Point Lookout Preserve exposes students and teachers to new ways of thinking about landscapes and stream ecosystems…

Watershed Citizenship Learning Community

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A collaboration with Cabrini College to encourage environmental stewardship in their students. In collaboration with Cabrini College, we developed courses that use the watershed as the means to instill an…

Water Quality and Stream Health in Eastern Pennsylvania

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Funded by: NASA Stroud Water Research Center educators, along with the Central Bucks School District, the Heritage Conservancy, and the Peace Valley Nature Centers, provided programming in 2008 and 2009…

Upland Country Day School Curriculum Development

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Funded by: The Applestone Foundation Stroud Water Research Center educators worked with Upland Country Day School in 2009 to develop quantitative watershed activities and curricula for their fifth grade science…

Watershed Welcome Packet

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“Welcome to Our Neighborhood, White Clay Creek Watershed” Packets were developed in partnership with the Education Subcommittee of the White Clay Watershed Association.

Tree Plantings

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A partnership with multiple organizations to plant re-establish streamside forests in southeastern Pennsylvania. We have worked with ERTHNXT (formerly the Future of Life Foundation), the Chesapeake Bay Council of the…