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Please note: project status is updated as part of our annual reporting process and thus lags behind the current year. E.g., projects shown as “active” in 2019 were active in 2018 and may or may not be active in 2019. Projects are listed in reverse chronological order and we are still in the process of adding older projects.

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Modeling Land Protection Impact Assessment for the Open Space Institute

This project uses Model My Watershed to estimate water quality benefits of forest land protection. The overall objectives of this ... Read More

Stroud Water Research Center/Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Buffer Collaborative

This project includes two separate awards of funds from DCNR. The combined efforts will install nearly 80 acres of forested ... Read More

South Central Pennsylvania Conservation Partnerships

This project will assist roughly 24 farms in Lancaster and Chester County to install nearly 200 agricultural best management practices, ... Read More

Soil Health and Stream Health for Red and White Clay Creeks

This project will engage two local farmers who are thought-leaders to implement more than 1,000 acres of cover crops, conduct ... Read More

Partnering for Accelerated Ag Best Management Practices in South Central Pennsylvania

This project will support Stroud Water Research Center’s continuing efforts on soil health, particularly for outreach and education on cover ... Read More

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Rodale/Stroud Water Research Center Collaboration

This project will enable a collaboration with Rodale Institute to advance knowledge on soil health and impacts on water quality, ... Read More

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Phase II Work in Focus Areas

This funding supports Stroud Water Research Center’s Watershed Restoration Group participation in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative’s focus areas within ... Read More

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Citizen Science Phase II

This project will engage watershed residents to be active participants in efforts to document conditions across the focus areas of ... Read More

Ag BMPs and Buffers for Middle Schuylkill Focus Area

This project will assist at least eight farmers to plan and implement at least 80 agricultural best management practices on ... Read More

Ag BMP Planning and Implementation for Berks County (DEP); Leveraging Ag BMPs and Forested Buffers for Middle Schuylkill Cluster (NFWF); Delivering the Berks-Chester RCPP (DEP)

This project operates the Farm Stewardship Program in Berks County, assisting farmers to implement whole-farm conservation while leveraging U.S. Department ... Read More